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I'm a Bit Confused

But I Make it Work

Gailardia Galan Gardios
24 March
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Ho boy, time to completely revamp this!

Name's not really important 'cause I don't necessarily like it, but you can call me Yasha or Eli, or whatever you want to really. I answer to almost anything, honestly. I haven't actively touched this in ages; I cringed going through my old posts.

I'm a legal adult now, I'm almost a college dropout - almost because I'm going back in the fall - and a lot has changed for me since high school. I'm happily engaged now and I've almost maybe come to terms with my past.

I'm actually pretty fun loving and friendly if you can get past my social awkwardness and my paranoia - low self esteem and a really traumatic past will make you hesitant to go out and talk to people, even if you know them.

You wanna know anything, don't hesitate to ask. I may tell you to drop it, but I may not. I find it easier to talk about things when I'm not face to face with you, especially if it's personal.